Precedent Poems

Poems from the prior week:


20 dollars 
80 tickets
9 lanes of
sliding fun. 
1 wooden coaster,
The King’s favorite. 
1 Sea Dragon
90 degrees vertical 
2 Sea Beasts 
defy gravity 
1 Falling Star
360 degrees of motion
1 Scrambler
Kicks off the day
3 bumper cars 
boot us out. 


One barn door 
Three white stripes
Two kitchen sinks 
One view
Three decades 
Two people 
One farm
Three Model A’s
Two great-grandchildren 


I need an evolutionist
to serve as the prosecution’s witness
and explain why dogs dream?
To pontificate about the need for fireflies to gleam?
To defend a scientific theory so logically sound 
it can only be by pathos tugged at and unwound. 
To buttress the bulwark of data 
against the dexterous craftsmanship on the canvas,
To evangelize methodical deductions
while denying self evident verisimilitude —
While the total amount of energy in a closed system cannot be created or destroyed,
The Creator belongs to no system, 
follows all laws of science he set down,
bends the will of design to the lure of the human eye,
puts puppy dogs before us to dream,
so we might question his method and scheme. 


Much is learned at the fish cleaning table. 
Fish should be rinsed in cold well water 
before they are filleted and pan fried. 
Two bowls and a bucket are best for the job. 
Backbones and ribs are not to be wasted, 
they make the best soup. 
Knives should be sharp and slice away from delicate fingers. 
Mosquitoes will have their fill 
before the fishers have theirs. 
Fishing does not end when the boat is out of the water. 
A cold beer is a cool solution for the early afternoon heat and humidity. 


There’s power in not knowing any better,
in not realizing how cold ten-below is, 
or how sixty-seven straight days over 
one hundred can make ninety-five feel cool. 
And if you have seen both extremes,
the cold burns your toes and ears, 
and the hot boils your blood, 
making either extreme an unfortunate crisis
of conscious. 
Before you knew the summer heat, the winter cold was an inconvenience, not a bulwark against out-of-door endeavors. 


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