Blackened Politics

Serious and rapidly worsening slum conditions
from acute overburdening of lies - Most a result
of poverty and even Africa. Other pressure from citizens
have injected the outflow of much needed, aptly characterized
political failures and authoritarian repression,
political instability, and governmental neglect
have left the nation with the lowest standard in public education,
but shortages of equipment, and teaching personnel have made
the goal of half of the students to neglect the use of language
before the demoralizing shock of this situation changed.

Writers do their part in reviving national pride and self-confidence.
Urged the elite to study "our ancestral heritage..." and to restore the people
"the dignity of their folklore."

In response, writers emerged to extol the culture,
and the native landscape. A few precursors helped
prepare the ground, recounted the achievements of civilizations,
poems incorporated, words and phrases prompt a recitation
of his guileless victim who made up the true renaissance
in the United States. The poets drew breath from the countryside -
its people, plants, and animals. Treated peasant life with sympathy
and understanding, wrote poems while Sophocles performed to great acclaim.

The dilemma of "taming with words" haunted most of his contemporaries
with increasing anger and protest.


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