The guy in charge of maintenance - 
that's the introduction I've heard most recently. 
People see you: 
mop the floors
man the grill
sweep the sidewalks
plunge the toilets. 
So few see you: 
lead the staff meetings
run the budget
set the vision. 
No one remembers how you made sure that teacher 
had the time off to deal with:
her daughter's Lucas
breast cancer
a fiancĂ© who just left...with everything. 
Maintenance - yeah, I suppose you are in charge of that. 
You maintain a community of diverse learners, diverse students, diverse backgrounds. 
You maintain relationships between church and school. 
You maintain a perspective unflattered and unbroken 
by titles or blue collar work. 
You have also been called teacher, principal, director of operations,
minister of the gospel and the title best suited to your unique skill set - 
Until that title was trumped by 
Which tumbles lovingly off the tongue of your grandchildren 
as you snap photos of their every move.  


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