In Memoriam of Six Legs

The great modern poets
rise to the occasion again,
saving students from boredom
and fulfilling the prophecy that
the wasp instilling fear and disrupting
writing in room 124 will die, has died,
and always will die on February 2nd, 2018.

Robert Frost kicked back, musing playfully
about tantalizing vagueness while students
gasped and cheered as Ginsberg howled
with rage, but swung and missed. Sylvia Plath
aimed to put an end to the Bedlam, but it was
Dylan Thomas who brought the dying light
while Yeats wandered lonely as a cloud
through the room, and T.S. Eliot declared the
whole charade a teenage wasteland and philosophized
that meaning cannot be found through insecticide, but only
through a satisfaction of the whole being."


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