Not Sleeping on the Hot Stove

I lie awake and suppose:
Will the Cubs resign the bearded snake?
Or let him slither five hours south?
Would Cubby Bears and Cardinals
be better off if free birds stayed put
and avoided cross migration?
Was 108 years worth the wait?
That's not a question and the proof
can be found on my couch and the dozen
or so times we have gathered to relive the extra inning
of November 3rd, 2016.
The extra hop before Rajai Davis
let fly his failed throw home.
The importance of first strikes.
The curse of the eighth inning.
The simple single.
The unmentioned tag-up from first.
The lessons imparted to the young.
My grandmother and WGN did it to me
I tell people when they ask how long I've been a Cubs fan.


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