Texas Snow Day

At 5:20 we left robots behind
and headed home in heavy traffic.
A rain drop hits my daughter
in the head and she exclaims,
"It's sleeting!" My cyncical
San Antonio realism kicks in
prior to my fatherly duty
not to crush all her little girl dreams,
 and I inform her the pellet of H2O
was not of the frozen variety.

At 6:27 I receive a text,
"Robotics students stopped
building robots 15 minutes ago"
and a video of a snow dusted
campus and a "Texas" sized snow man.

Eating my words, and a bit of dinner,
we pile back in the car with only
slightly less horrific traffic, head north,
to grammy and papa's house,
where I have been informed it is snowing,
and worth our drive.

The back seat of the Volvo,
all of a sudden a very handy
addition to our car fleet,
manages to contain the tumult
of emotion as the flurries frenzy and Austin
declares, "Look out your window, it's like snow bullets!"
They pray twice our loud in unison for a snow day,
"Just one in our life."


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