She didn’t have many rules:
we ate ice cream for breakfast most days
and ice cream sandwiches on the others.
However, there were a few things in her routine
that were non-negotiable.
We had to stay inside
until the sun crept
across the sky
far enough
to erase
the shadow
off of the
brick wall
that lay just outside
the sliding glass door
separating my brother and I
from the limitless possibilities of the backyard.
Of course in South Texas in the summer,
that was probably about 8:30 in the morning,
and Grandma’s way of keeping us kids from waking up before the sun.
Post sunrise, Grandma’s world revolved around the Curtis Mathes.
The Price is Right, followed by Soap Operas, and then a Cubs game.
My childhood can be recorded by the salvation of 1:20 starts and
Steve Stone's salvation from General Hospital began at 1:00 sharp with "The Leadoff Man"
Those were the days, when WGN was making America great
by broadcasting every afternoon Cubs games
when we could sit down and watch the Cubbies and listen to Harry Carry
become progressively more inebriated while the Cubs
fell further and further in the standings
and we switched from sherbet for breakfast to Cookies and Cream for lunch.


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