A Picture's Worth

My son drew this in my writer's notebook.
Plopped himself down at my desk and violated my safe space
with his creativity ink blot by pink and green ink blot.
He was neither invited nor inquired to perform this activity,
He just sat down, picked up a doodle instrument, and bled
on my notebook for almost two hours. Two hours this ADHD
kid sat and drew in my notebook.

There are only two reactions I could have,
both wholly appropriate internally, and one wholly inappropriate
expressively. The space between us at age eight and thirty-six
may never be less littered with boundaries than today.
I must choose. Do I erect a hurdle today? Build an obstacle
in that necessary and proper process of separation
that is inevitable, painful, and proud all at the same time?
"When it is necessary in the course of human events..." I hope
I find myself willing to litter the path, but today
I'm simply enjoying the view in my favorite art gallery.


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