A Day in the Life

Begins at 4:27 am when I snooze the first alarm.
By 5:17 I am out the door - dogs fed, Early Grey tea in hand.
5:26 is Daily Donuts and the kind man behind the counter
knows it is Tuesday so I must want a dozen old fashioned
donuts and a dozen blueberry. By 5:30 I'm off to work
and at 5:50 I begin correcting yesterday's attendance,
of which I am the chief of sinners for not submitting.
6:54 has me headed to a meeting, but wait, my father
is here to pickup the trailer from the event on Sunday,
I pause to help him back up the truck and hook up the trailer,
we both have bigger fish to fry, so a quick goodbye and off we go.
7:00 is faculty meeting time -
"Those who guard their lips preserve their lives,
but those who speak rashly will come to ruin."
Topical, as today we divvy up students to teachers
so that each pupil receives a personal note before Thanksgiving.
Deadline number two is teacher observations - Friday, December 8th,
a little more than a month should be plenty of time, that one can slide
to the outside of everyone's plate for a few weeks.
7:45 the bell rings and it's Photoshop time for two periods of freshmen fun.
9:29 means it is time to revise senior essays before - Divinity of Hell - and Othello's
green eyed monster who gives way to a colleague whose class needs coverage.
12:18 would be lunch in the robotics lab, but first a hurting student
needs some counseling and a warning - 12:58 and we're headed to the Yukon
for a lesson in Naturalism from London before we set sail for Ithaca where on our voyage
we run into a cyclops, some shades, Helios' cattle, and some pretty ladies and scary monsters -
not to mention a short quiz. 2:32 means a parade of homes all for the low, low price of $1,100-1,300
a month. We see condos, town homes, fixer-uppers and more.
3:15 the bell rings for the day, and it is a race to offseason baseball practice,
but first there are two teachers and a pair of students waiting at my door.
4:34 sees the end of soft toss, tee work, and ground balls in exchange for
conveyor belts, chain powered arms, worm gears, and Java code.
6:34 I pull out of the parking lot and head home the same way I came -
listening to Carson McCullers' The Heart is a Lonely Hunter - I've decided
chapter six will make a great excerpt before we read Animal Farm.


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