For forty-five minutes
I could not get out
of my own way
fast enough
to reel in ferociously
feeding bass.

After twenty minutes my brother yelled,
"Are you catching a ridiculous amount of fish?"
Beckoning me to join him,
as he was setting an equal pace.
I assured him I was,
neither of us able
to hear the good sounds
the other was generating
twenty yards away
as bass after bass
broke the surface and
destroyed a flybox
full of Flathead Fred's,
Deerhair Sunfish, Dancing Frogs,
Rattling Frogs, Swimming Frogs,
Drunk and Disorderly Deceivers, and
every type of hairbug we could throw.

It was exhausting work,
and we were glad
to put our nose to the grindstone
and have the shredded thumbs to prove it.


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