My grandparents did not allow life to happen to them. 
They were in charge of their own destiny. 
On a small farm outside of the Rockford rust belt, 
They threw themselves at nature, at work, at church, at neighbors, 
and at any and every obstacle that presented itself. 

If you didn't know better, you might take them for simple folk. 
No internet, email, fancy decorating in their home. 
But, grandma would say, "we do have indoor plumbing." 
A salesman would ring and one of them would answer the rotary phone, 
"hello," and then, "no, we don't need that" 
and a swift and solid clang - today you can't 
end a conversation with the necessary force 
of a matte black handset crashing into the telephone shell. 

But grandma and grandpa were only simple in their devotion to one another, 
Faith in their creator, and belief in a way of life gone by. 
Marshall Dillon could be found on tv 
during an afternoon nap 
doling out justice and keeping his word, 
grandma liked this...and besides, 
her program didn't have any of those damn commercials. 


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