Half Dome

I relented as we looked up
at the massive granite formation
and the feeble rope and threadbare
castoff gloves - we had not applied
the seven P's as our eighteen year old selves
ascended twelve miles and forty-eight hundred feet
of elevation not by departing at the recommended time
of sunrise, but the more relaxed noon sitting         .

I wish we would have ascended that final four hundred feet
to the peak, as I recollect an opportunity washed away by time
and realize I may never revisit that rock.

I realize however, had we attempted to scale
those two thin ropes and topped that igneous
behemoth with our weary boy legs, we may well
have joined the relatively few people who have died
and certainly would have been likely candidates to join
the ranks of those not uncommon to injury while acting
irresponsibly, naively, or a blissful combination of both.


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