Memories, I hope

I am from mesquite charcoal,
from lighter fluid and glass Coke bottles.

I am from the biggest backyard on the block,
homemade swing sets and scaled down baseball fields.

I am from swiss chard and strawberries.
The fig and Chinese plum trees providing
room to climb and shade for shelter.

I am from movie night with popcorn
and forts with sheet walls in the living room.

From poetry and statistics.
From manners and mayhem.
From rides in old cars through
corn fields and suburbs.

I am from backyard patio relaxing
with cold watermelon and frozen grapes.

I am from t-ball, soccer, basketball, and dance on Saturdays
followed by church on Sunday.

I am from fewer tears and more responsibility.
I am from serve first and humble myself.
I am from San Antonio, bean and cheese tacos,
and Tex-mex restaurants only inside the loop.


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