Still, Fisk Rises

Dripping wet jowels 
And fabric snagging claws 
Greet me at the dawn
and at the door. 

"Down!" I command. 
Soft floppy ears envelope my hand. 
Secured in my palms, 
Gently toward the floor I tug. 
Puppy looks at me and in his eyes I read,
"and still I rise."

Milk the cow, milk the cow,
I reassure the attention starved hound 
He is loved and needs not 
Enter full spasmodic,indefatigable beast mode
To reciprocate the emotion lavished. 
But puppy looks longingly, rears back,
"and still I rise."

Maya Angelou's poem, "Still I Rise," is an inspirational tribute to people who have overcome adversity, and in the face of difficult circumstances choose to persevere. 

My poem is not. It is a simple reflection about coming home and waking up each day to a very excited and not so well disciplined puppy. 


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