I am from

I am from dusty antique trunks
From venison and pan fried blue gills. 

I am from red bricks and three acres.
From grandma Ike next door 
and backyard Wiffle Ball games.
I am from, "stay out of my irises,
the only aesthetic grandma cared about. 

I am from cool summer vacations on grandpa's farm
and fishing on Wisconsin lakes.

I am from Tim and Debbie who raised me,
from Elaine who spoiled me,
and from Clifford who never met me. 

I am from piss and vinegar 
and church at 8:00 a.m.

I am from "there's no such word as can't."
I am from 'Rock of Ages' and 'Just as I am."

I am from South Texas Hill Country 
huevos rancheros after a morning hunt. 

I am from "just lift it" and stay until the job is finished. 

I am from celebrating faith, family and work ethic 
in the protective shade of the porch 
at the end of a long, hot day.   

This poem template was one I learned in 2009 while completing writing project training through Central Texas Writing Project. George Ella Lyon wrote the original, and templates abound online. I love beginning the school year with this exercise (it works well with students and faculty). Students always ask if they have to follow the template, and I love giving them permission to follow their own path. 


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