It was the place my best friend
wove his childhood memories of summer.

Not the soy beans and corncribs
where my middle America roots
plunged deep into the soil.

Oceans and beaches and bodies in bikinis
on beaches with parasails and surfboards
and shifting sands.

At eighteen I decided I needs must go,
So we set out.

Slowly at first, just a toe in the water.
West, through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana.
Then waded a bit deeper into Northern California
where we were greeted by towering Redwoods.

Pioneers we were,
pursuing adventure
at any cost.

Thank you Tijuana
for costly lessons
narrowly avoided.

Thank you Half Dome
for physical exhaustion
and ephemeral views
etched in my mind.

Thank Sequoia
for the lesson in time
and space.

The quick notes taken on Bridget Sproul's poem, "Scout" were jotted down after asking my students, "What do you notice?" Several of my students noticed the lines "Someone needed to arrive first / and put an ear to the ground" and how they connected back to the title. I love this poem for anyone, but especially high school students who are always on the look for the next adventure, or should be. 


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