Black, White, and Red

They both arrived
in the front yard
in the the same summer,
and tattooed character
on my teenage existence.

A black and white
codependent and crazy
border collie -
loyal to a fault.

A faded red pickup
the key to the universe,
hidden under the hood.

Both were in need of restoration.
The machine needed paint,
a bed hewn of oak, spark plugs,
and ever so many parts,
available from the pages of
magazine pages poured over
during class.

Ryan - his restoration
required attention to detail
from the inside out.
His coat glistened -
sleek, smooth, and shiny -
his build was the envy
of many a rancher,
offering to cart off my dog
in the bed of their pickup
for a tidy profit.

No thank you sir -
I like my projects.


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