I wish for you
that when you wake
You emulate no one.

Walk with the arrogance of youth.
Approach life with the confidence
gained by a successful string of
failure and conquest.

Roll the bat through your hand.
Wheel the blade in a figure eight
and stare down the man on the mound.

Harness the power of sport -
and transition to life off the court.

Adapt virtues of leadership
and transform them to discipleship.

Concentrate on your congenial disposition -
Unleash it upon the world.

Harvest what is sown,
and sow only without scorn.

This poem was written after reading "Aubade" by Donald Davie. Davie's poem uses a speaker giving a blessing or a charge to another character in the poem, maybe a child. This made me think of my own napping children and what I might wish for them. 


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