Ode to _______________

You are on the tip
of my tongue.

I'll take a walk
surely the muse
will scatter fodder
for my pen
strewn as obstacles
across the path of life.

Maybe I should make dinner
or wash the dishes,
or mow the lawn,
anything to unstick
my ________ what is it called again?

I need a good word for __________.

"ode to coffee" or "oda al café" by Urayoán Noel is the inspiration for this poem. Mr. Noel's poem was read in class both in English and in Spanish, as it is composed in alternating lines such as:

"from Africa to a Caribbean hill
     de África a las lomas del Caribe"

The adventure Noel takes the reader on is a wonderful blend of physical spaces and emotional journeys. His "ode to coffee" was a nice contrast to more tradition odes from the likes of John Keats. 


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