Grandma Used to Say

Never let your
She had a dark and wrinkled face
angry passions rise
hardened by life, fishing in the sun, and years of smoking.
for like sunbeams
Sitting in her trusty chair
they quickly pass you by. 
she would lovingly scowl,
Never let your angry passions rise
a not so gentle encouragement
for like sunbeams they quickly pass you by. 
for us to suck it up, and move on.

This poem was a classroom writing activity that I picked up from teacher and author Gretchen Bernabei. The teacher-led activity asks students to fold their paper in half like a "hot dog" and then write down the words to a song they can remember a loved one singing to them when they were young. Once the writer's have completed this task they are to write down detailed descriptions of the person who sung the song. You then weave the two columns together to form a poem. 


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